American History

This course is designed to explore the history of America from the time of the Industrial Revolution to the present.  We will be focusing on how American society has transformed and evolved into the enormous economic, political and military power it is today.  By examining American growth in the 20th century, we will be better able to understand how to continue growing into the 21st.

Semester 1 Units

  • Reconstruction, Frontier and Industrial Revolution

  • Reform Era

  • Imperialism

  • World War I

  • The Roaring '20s

Semester 2 Units

  • Great Depression

  • World War II

  • The Cold War

  • Civil Rights

  • Politics in Modern America

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Course Materials
Lecture Notes, Review Guides

Unit 1

Reconstruction, Frontier and the Industrial Revolution

Unit 2

The Reform Era

Unit 3


Unit 4

World War I

Unit 6

The Great Depression

Unit 7

World War II

Unit 8

The Cold War

Unit 9

Civil Rights

Unit 10

Politics in Modern American Society

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